"The result of too much fanfiction."

Chapter 1: School Daze (9.14.01 - 10.06.01): This was back in the day. Life was normal, all the kids did was go to school. Highlights include a flashback to Dade and Kip's past and a crazy trip to the local comic book store.

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Chapter 2: Card Captives (10.08.01 - 10.29.01): Dade, Kip and Sin in their first "leap". They crash in on Sakura right as she's about to capture Power. Can the Self-Insert teens help Sakura capture Power and find a way out of here, or will Sin just get distracted by Touya and Yukito?

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Chapter 3: You Slay Me (11.02.01 - 03.16.02): The teens now find themselves lost in a forest. When they're attacked by thieves Lina and Gourry come to their aid. They follow them only to find out an evil Mazoku lord is after something called Rubick's Rune. Now what could that be?

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Chapter 4: Good Will Haunting (03.20.02 - 05.10.02): With Kip injured and Sin by his bedside, Dade is left to find the next cube. The thing is...there's 7 of them here and the school spirits don't want to give them up. Good thing he has the cooperation of the Holy Student Council...I think.

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Chapter 5: Trouble on Terra II (05.20.02 - 06.07.02): A crash into a storehouse in Japoness leaves Kip and Sin on the run. What's worse is not only do they have to find the cube but Dade as well.

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