"Embrace change!"

Q: When is Self-Insert coming back?

A: Self-Insert is on a hiatus of undetermined length. Rob has a major case of writer's block as far as Self-Insert is concerned. New comics might be added from time to time during the hiatus however.

Q: Why did you quit writing Self-Insert?

A: I just answered that in the first question. You obviously weren't paying attention.

Q: Ok, then is Dade okay? He was missing, where is he?

A: Does it matter? Self-Insert is on hiatus. You'll find out when it comes back, now go read the current comic!

Q: Are Rob and Liz based on you guys?

A: Oh my god! That has to be the stupidest...*Liz ties up Rob and puts duct tape over his mouth* Liz: Yes, they are to a point. They share the same names as us and look somewhat like us, though Rob is very touchy about his looks so he just decided what he wanted to look like.

Q: Why'd you tie Rob up?

A: Because he's a baka.

Q: Ok back to the real questions, Why the name Writer's Block?

A: Because Rob's a baka. I mean...because he couldn't come up with a better name and since he had writer's block he just decided to name the comic that. *lets Rob go cause she's tired of answering questions*

Q: So all in all, this new comic is just because you don't care what your fans want and only think of yourself, and on top of that you're a jackass!

A: Yeah...pretty much...

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