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Liz- No S.I. This week. Instead we bring to you Bwee-kee.
Sorry. ^_^;;


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Sunday: September 14, 2003

So... for those of you on the forum that I've been taunting for the past week... here's the big surprise. Self-Insert will be back shortly only new and hipper kind of like Sprite Remix only not yucky. Don't worry though, your favorite lovable characters are still gonna be there and there'll be some new ones to get to know too. And if you haven't noticed... Lizzie is back in the artists chair.

If you check the status section you'll notice that me and Lizzie are currently arguing between a once a week (no set day) type of thing or my excellent idea of updating like once every 1 or 2 months with an entire chapter of 30-40 pages (like a graphic novel) while supplementing on a more regular basis with Sunday Newspaper type comical strips done entirely in CHIBI! See... isn't my idea much better?

Anyway, the entire first chapter is already written, and I'm just waiting on Lizzie giving me a LIST before I can start on Chapter 2.

Right now only the main page reflects these changes cause I'm lazy and haven't gotten to the rest yet... changes to the other pages and the forum plus more announcements coming shortly.

- Rob -

Sunday: October 12, 2003

Happy Birthday Bianca! Yeah, that's right. I'm using the excuse that it's my sister's birthday to slack off. Not that I'm actually slacking off. I think I forgot the meaning of the word. Been busy working on my Literature Reviews for my Research class that it's sucking my free-time dry. u_u.

Eh well... Not that it matters.. party... woo.. right? ^_^

No comic this week. It'll resume next week. In the meantime I'll make it up to you. Today and Monday we'll have double the Bweekee strips. (Yeah.. I bet you missed them, didn't you?) Today here. Monday over at Bianca's site. Also up at Bitch-Slapped I'll have a filler comic posted up there. So see? You all won't be compleatly art-less.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have to post up some Missing-Writer posters around town. Has anyone seen Rob Lately? ^_^;;

"No matter how much of me they want, they're the ones who'll die in the end."
Genjyo Sanzo (Saiyuki Reload)

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